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Great flexibility including the ability to safely handle large Eurotainers.

The Olympus EuroMAX provides a class leading waste & recycling collection solution with the capability to safely handle a wide range of containers including Eurotainer containers with its robust rear mounted lift system. With maximum operational flexibility in mind, the Olympus EuroMAX design offers some fantastic features and efficiency savings benefits.


  • Unique geometery gives a 55° tipping angle with no 'kick out' of the container towards the operator when lifting cycle starts
  • Multifunctional bin-lift system to handle a wide variety of container sizes/ types without adjustment
  • Master/slave hydraulic system means that the bin lift comb is level every single time
  • Low manual loading height, ideal for hand loading of bulky waste
  • Binlift mounting integral to the Olympus tailgate giving a shorter 400mm overhang
  • Flexible lower chair section to support the container, dampen movement and reduce possible damage to container and binlift



  • Cycle Time: 2-wheel containers 6 - 7 sec. 4-wheeled 10-12 sec Eurotainer 23 sec.
  • Handling Capacity: 150kg (2 wheel) / 750kg (4 wheel) / 2000kg Eurotainer
  • Noise Level: < 65dB(A)
  • Mounting Method: Integrated on Olympus tailgate
  • Safety: CE machinery directive certification, EN 1501.1 & EN 1501.5
  • Operation Mode: Manual
  • Weight: 995kg
  • Hydraulic Requirements: Ideal 40 l/min., maximum 60 l/min., 180 bar
  • Auto-Gather: Yes
  • Diagnostic Display: No


Full Width, drop-down hydraulic Hopper Plate operated by a simple press of a button.


"Magic eye" sensors on the bin lift chairs detect the presence of a 4-wheel container. The bin lift chairs self align and then move to the correct height to recieve the 4-wheel container.


Allows safe and easy loading of loose bags and bulky items.